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dna-diagnostic_1DNA Diagnostic A/S is a Danish biotech company established in 1992. DNA Diagnostic A/S has developed several PCR and qPCR test kits. The first HemaVision kit was launched in 2001. HemaVision uses reverse transcription of RNA followed by multiplex PCR, and used by clinical laboratories to screen RNA for genetic defects associated with the development of leukemia.

In recent years, DNA Diagnostic A/S, launched kits for real-time PCR analyses for rapid identification of pathogenic microorganisms in the food samples. Mastit 4 kits for screening bovine milk samples and most latest, Salmonella Velox for same day detection of salmonella in all kind of meat, seafood and various cocoa products.

DNA Diagnostic A/S is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 standards and has also been assigned the Free Sales Certificate.

HemaVision® is a series of CE marked in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for fast and sensitive detection of chromosomal translocations associated with leukemia. The tests are fast one-day RT-PCR or 4 hours RT-qPCR screening tests, capable of analysing for up to 28 translocations and more than 145 clinical relevant translocation breakpoints in a single test.

The starting material for the HemaVision® tests is total RNA extracted from whole blood or bone marrow. The tests can be performed as a screening for 28 translocations or 7 translocations. Single translocation tests are also available.

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