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GENET BIO started with the aim of achieving the ‘New Paradigm of Biotechnology’.


We hold various types of DNA Amplification Products (thermostable DNA Polymerase) at the present time.

We are putting forth a great deal of effort to secure distributors from all over  the world and are currently supplying 5 countries with our products. In particular, the Prime Taq DNA Polymerase and 2X Prime Taq Premix has met meet with a favorable reception. We intend to inform the world market of our products as quickly as possible. That is the result about the development and manufacture of our products based on ‘Quality Base.’

We will go on developing the essential reagents used in biotechnology with  continuous development and technical innovation. With such spirit and readiness,  GENET BIO is confident that its products will be used as the world standard in the field of biotechnology reagents.

We will try our best to remain a company which develops outstanding products rather than one which is known for its low-priced products. That is the promise of GENET BIO to its customers.

GENET BIO will always do its best to keep its promise.

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